Jimmy Vernon has been a proud ambassador for the Kids with Cancer Foundation since 2020. After building a profile in Australian Motorsport, featuring a strong connection of partners and fans, Jimmy decided it was time to utilise that position to spread awareness to a worthy cause.

After meeting with the team at The Kids with Cancer Foundation, Jimmy knew that this was the charity he wanted to support.  Since 1998 the Foundation has raised over $30 million for hospital funding and supported more than 2,400 families in Australia. All of this is done with a minimalistic approach to staff to keep expenses down, leaving more to support the kids and families in need.

Jimmy was the first official ambassador for the Kids with Cancer Foundation, with the program growing each year to increase our support for the kids. It all started as an ambassadorship to purely raise awareness, but after Jimmy met a few of the kids he was supporting he wanted to do everything in his power to help them more. This prompted the program "Riding with Jimmy", where a child is selected each round to ride on the back of Jimmy's helmet. 

Jimmy now also provides pit tours, pit passes to the events and experiences at the track that the kids will never forget! It's a great way to provide a day of respite to not only the kids but also the families and their support network around them.


Since 2022, Jimmy has also pledged 20% of his corporate sponsorship to the Foundation. After hearing the stories from the families involved in the Foundation, JImmy wanted to also become an avenue of financial support, utilising his strong network of business partners to give back to the ones in need.

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